"What are we going to do today Bear?"

Last night (4-17-10), I went to see the movie, 'Annabelle and Bear' at the Detroit Music Hall. It's a film you must see! Co-written by Amy Weber/Tracey Sims, and produced and directed by Amy Weber. 'Annabelle and Bear' has captured the dramatic lifestyle of how family and friends can be torn apart and brought together at the same time during the cycle of addiction, and its effect on all involved.

Curt Massof did an outstanding portrayal as the biker dad, 'Bear' who has to make the choice of being an active father, or an outsider looking inside. Addiction isn't pretty, but Oliva Walby steals your heart from the first moment she appears on screen as two-year old 'Annabelle.' She tugs heartstrings when she asks, "What are we going to do today Bear?" Together Annabelle and Bear journey a path that is so incredibly realistic it reminds us that addiction is a terrible, destructive disease. Ruby Harris (Annie, the drug addicted mother), Jason Myres (Goldie), Kimberly Cruchon (Grace), and Dal Bouey (Trisha) are the co-stars that make this believable, touching film come together!

Brighton Hospital's charity preview at the Detroit Music Hall was a major success that had a bottom line net of over $27,000. Proceeds will benefit the Brighton Hospital Children's Program. This program is unique to Brighton Hospital and will be free to children ages 7-12. For more information about the Children's Program, please contact John Furey at (810) 227-1211 or call Brighton at the Corners at (248) 406-4260. Toll-free customer service staff may be reached at (877) 976-2371 for questions about any Brighton Hospital program.

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