Drunk Cab Ride

During my divorce proceedings I decided that it would be a good idea to spend a few days in sunny Florida. So I jumped on a plane and headed to Clearwater Beach to take in some rays. I checked into the Hilton on Gulf Blvd because it has a fabulous view of the Gulf of Mexico which in itself can be quite intoxicating. After checking in I did what I always do…I went to the beach with a hat and a few magazines and got comfortable in a chair.
The divorce proceedings were not going my way, I was losing everything that was near and dear to me and I didn’t even care. I had been sober for a short time and decided no one was going to know if I just ordered one small drink…two or three at the most. I was alone and had no one to answer to so I did what I did best at the time and I ordered a drink. After drinking seven or eight shots of whiskey I decided I would go to a local bar on the beach and mingle.
I really don’t recall much of the next few days. I recall bits and pieces. I know the manager of the hotel asked me to leave when I tried to reserve the room for a few more days. He politely told me that I was a likeable guy but I was much to intoxicated to be roaming around the hotel. I know I checked into a hotel down the street that wasn’t quite as nice but what the heck did I care because I only needed somewhere to crash at the end of the day.
On the day I was suppose to fly home to Michigan I became very paranoid that the airlines would not let me fly due to the fact I could hardly stand and was also taking into account I had no intention of getting sober yet.
So after careful consideration in my drunken state of mind I called a cab. That way I could still get home and I didn’t have to get sober. The cab driver was a very polite man who allowed me to drink liquor and smoke cigarettes in his vehicle. Before we left he told me that I would need to give him $500 upfront money so we stopped at an ATM and I withdrew $500 which was also my daily limit and paid him the deposit. The drunker I got the more concerned the cabbie became and about two-hundred miles into the trip he told me he was going to need more of a deposit. I handed him a credit card but he informed me he didn’t take credit cards. This was a problem because I had already withdrawn my maximum limit of cash from my debit card and it was a holiday and banks were closed. The driver told me he didn’t want to go any further without more cash so I called up my soon to be ex-wife on the phone and asked her if she would talk to the cab driver and tell him I was good for the rest of the money. My ex spoke with the cab driver on the phone and we ended up coming to an agreement that my ex would have the balance of the cash for him when I arrived and my ex would then drive me to the bank to get the cash to pay her back. I don’t remember most of the ride home but I do remember paying a total of $3600 for the cab. At the time it seemed like a good plan but that money sure would come in handy today!

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